Unity v3.3发布!Android赶上来了.


Unity Android(安卓)版现在分为 基础版和专业版.

Native Activity does not support screen orientation changes during runtime.
Remote refuses to connect to the Editor once the device was disconnected.
Improvement performance of audio handling (mixing) on Tegra based devices.
On-screen keyboard has been completely re-written to support NativeActivity, and handle .hideInput=true;.
Editor detects minimum OS / API version before trying to launch the application.
AndroidJavaObject et al as proper documentation.
Added documentation of the AndroidInput class.
Added correct mapping of CIRCLE button on Xperia Play; must use latest firmware on the device.
Deprecated WWW.oggVorbis property.
Remote: Fixed crash in editor caused by editor side of Android Remote.
Fixed broken detection code for Android SDK API-10 (and API-11).
Fixed problems with threading and finalizers in AndroidJNI et al.
Performance improvements of animation skinning on Tegra based devices.
Support for NativeActivity / SonyEricsson Xperia Play.
Added support for Screen.SetResolution.
Fully dynamic linkage to Mono; Mono is now available from plugins etc.
AndroidManifest.xml attribute minSdkVersion exposed under Player Settings / Other Settings.
Fixed exception when using AndroidJavaObject.Get().
Fixed occasional rendering issues on some Qualcomm based devices (e.g. HTC Vision).
Fixed various network issues (local IP, ping, HavePublicAddress etc).
Fixed various touch input related issues (Input.multiTouchEnabled, virtual touches, stale touch IDs).
Added the Windows registry keys for the JDK lookup on x64 machines.
iPhone和Android Remote现在在Unity免费版中也可以用了.
Fixed case 392244: Incorrect handling of tall mode of Game View in Android Remote.
Fixed case 388824: Android Remote flickering.
Fixed case 388828: Android Remote crashes due to buffer overflow.
Fixed case 392869: With Build&Run only remove previous installation when update is not possible (otherwise keep PlayerPrefs etc).
Fixed case 392194: Fixed AndroidJNI lookup of inner (nested) classes.
Fixed case 392099: Touch data reset when resuming application ; fixes stale touches after pause.
Fixed case 392922: Fixed problems when using AndroidJNI and Assembly Stripping.
Fixed case 392847: Flickering rendering problem (mostly seen on GUI elements) or things not being rendered at all.
Fixed case 392831: Input.GetMouseButtonDown(0) and TouchPhase.Began being out of sync.
Fixed case 391064: Changed the message presented to Samsung users when the firmware is outdated.
Fixed case 391739: Text input is now available in NativeActivity mode.
iOS: Fixed VAO cleanup (case 392221: memory leak when using GUI.Label).
iOS: Fixed MSAA+discard support: discard read buffer, not draw; discard stencil too.
Graphics: Improved performance of fixed-function emulation under GLES2.0.
Audio: Correct audio CPU usage displayed in the Profiler.
Audio: Fixed WWW.audioClip (wait for the entire clip to download).
Fixed case 377132: Fixed rare audio bug where one shots are looping.
Fixed case 391171: Better handling of orthographic scene view camera.
Fixed case 383402: Fixed continued bouncing OS X Dock icon when using modal progress bars.
Fixed case 391471: Fixed editor error messages on Windows with some RenderTexture configurations.
Network: Fixed error when reading 32 bit network view IDs size.
Remote: Proper icons for the Android Remote.
Fixed case 388502: AnimationEvents trigger twice when the event pauses animation then starts it again from coroutine.
Fixed case 391106: Font security warnings showing up.
Fixed case 390822: Add implementation for IsDirectoryCreated on iOS.
Fixed case 388828: Various crash fixes for Android Remote.
Fixed case 373197: iPhone Remote prints excessively to the editor console.
Fixed case 388824: Unity Remote white-flickers if you reconnect it to the editor.
Fixed case 389248: Unity Remote refuses to connect to the Editor once the device was disconnected.
iOS: Xcode 4 is now recognized as proper build tool.
iOS: Added soft debugger support.


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