Taking a Break in the Way

Hello, World.

After a hard discussion between every member of M33 (3 votes against 2),
we have decided to take a little break before releasing anything else.
(Take it as the russian winter that might come even when there is sun
in front of us)

The main reasons for this decision are as follow:

First, looking at how have things have come since we started our work,
we now know how might have felt other developers when there are much
other interests that don’t benefit to the entire Scene. We all know
what we are talking about, and we will make our best to eradicate all
of this rotted side of the world in which we are nowadays, in the near

Second, to teach a lesson. A mayor percentage of the PSP (and others)
Scene(s) has to think about what it has come into since there are lots
and lots of people that just want to steal money and attention when they
don’t even deserve it. This has existed since the beggining, and this is,
clearly, to that hackers-wannabe that modify a couple of files and want
to be acclaimed as a God-like.

And third, to have fun looking at how all this lamers that steal codes
don’t know what to do when there is no binaries or sources to modify 😉
Ok, that last one was kidding a bit… but that doesn’t mean that it’s
not right 😛

We know, of course, that lots of psp webpages will full with insults and
lame plots (we surf daily most of them), but this won’t make change this
decision, so here’s a little advice: Don’t waste your breath reinforcing
what we have just said, and have patiente. Also, don’t look for guilty
ones, as you might have to look deeply into every one that have demanded
without any right to be released something that will be free for all of
the scene, as always.

Also, it’s interesting to say that you should buy the games you like,
gaving support to the ones that you think that they have done a good job,
as we are all developers, and all the ones that stay hours and hours
in front of a pc screen have their rights to have a remuneration for what
is, after all, their job.

And, by the way, to avoid lamers saying that we have lied or prophets
telling lies to the Scene, 3.71m33 *is* finished, and will be released
when we come back. (or a later version if needed)

You can always contact us via a pm on pspx.ru forums, and on m-33@yandex.ru.
Thanks for all the support till this day. See you all soon 🙂

Team M33



首先,看看从我们做破解后,都发生了什么, 我们现在了解到其他破解小组同样感到的感觉: 对破解很大兴趣,但是毫无利益。 大家都知道我们在说什么,我们现在,和以后都会尽我们最大努力去消除这世界迂腐的一面(指$$$)。

第二,给大家上一课。很大部分的psp用户应该知道,很多很多的人,他们只想盗取不属于他们的金钱。 从一开始,就有这种人,破解者希望人们为他们喝彩,并称他们像神一样。



还有,很有意思的是,我希望大家去“买”自己喜欢的游戏,支持认为干得出色的人, 我们也是程序员, 为了一点报酬,座在电脑前面日以继夜,无论如何,他们的工作而已。

最后,顺便说下, 为了避免偷取源代码者说我们撒谎,我们宣布 3.71m33已经完成,但是会在我们放假回来以后发布。(或者更新的版本)


team m33

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